Upcoming & Recent Public Performances

Coming Soon!:

Private bookings available! Please email scintillatingfirecircus@gmail.com with your inquiry.

Recently Performed Public Shows:

 *October 6, 2018: World Hoop Day. At 5pm see our "Jai Ho" choreographed show!  This is an all-day free event for all ages, full of free workshops, performances, vendors, hula hooping, and more!  12-7pm event, Fossil Creek Park, Fort Collins.

*October: Hire us for your Halloween party!!

*September 9, 2018: Free circus station at Open Streets in Fort Collins!

*August 3-5 Arise Festival in Loveland, CO

*July 27-29 Fort Collins Fringe Festival: A Midsummer Night's Fire Circus with Spectra Circus Entertainment (won the Audience Choice Award and Second Place for the Artists Choice Award!!)

*November 18 Mos Eisley Cantina Sci-Fi themed show collaboration with 6Degrees, 6pm at the Downtown Artery! SFC hula hoop lesson and game at 7pm, fire show at 8pm, and fun family-friendly entertainment, carnival activities, and dancing throughout the night! 6-9pm carnival, then 9pm onwards dance party.

*November 29, 7:30pm, LED Circus at the Bas Bleu theater is back with fresh new moves and ready to rock it for a Winter Wonderland-themed show!

*December 1 & 2 watch SFC in collaboration with Colorado Fire Tribe in the televised Denver Parade of Lights!

*October 27 SFC is performed a special Dia de Los Muertos scary circus show at the exclusive Wicked party.

*October 13, it was a spooky good time! Halloween-themed LED Circus at the Bas Bleu theater!

*September 30 SFC lit up the night performing our Intergalactic Circus show at the Denver Burning Man Decompression party!

*September 8 SFC teamed up with one of our favorite bands, The Symbols.

*August 31, at Burning Man: fire, LED, acrobatic, circus antics show with the very special Colorado art installation "The Dragonfly Mating Ritual".

*August 28- September 4: a large variety of performances at Burning Man.

*August 19 LED hoopstars from SFC rocked it in the 60's & 70's- themed cabaret show at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins, CO.

*August 4-6: SFC performed on stage throughout the Arise Music Festival, teaming up with various music artists as well as the art installation "The Dragonfly Mating Ritual".

*July 14: Laurali Firefly & Aaron "Cheelay Peppah" of SFC in Dundee, Scotland!

*July 8:  Laurali Firefly & Aaron "Cheelay Peppah" of SFC in Edinborough, Scotland!

*July 1: The Colorado Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, 9pm! 

*June 15-18: Scintillating Fire Circus performing on stage with some of our favorite musicians at the Sonic Bloom Festival in Colorado!

And too many more to list!...

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